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Massage Therapy

Multiple Therapies Offered, No Matter Your Need.

Diana Thomas

Valor’s Massage Therapist
Learn More About Diana

My name is Diana Thomas and I have been a massage therapist since March of 2005.

I started my career as a front desk manager, making great money at a young age. One day I got sick, and I mean life altering sick. I was in constant pain for so long until a friend took me for my first time to a massage therapist. During that hour massage, I was able to forget the pain from my illness – and even just for a moment – I felt like me again. I was so moved by the massage; I told my friend “I’m going to quit my job and become a massage therapist.” I was great at my management job and was well paid, but after that first massage, I knew that massage therapy was my calling and I needed to start right then. Two weeks later, I quit my job and started massage therapy school in 2004 at Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage.

After graduating, I quickly found a job at a local gym. After leaving the gym, I started my own business where I was entirely word-of-mouth and built a fantastic business. Several years later I was involved in a very bad automobile accident and was out of work for about 5 months due to my injuries. Though it was a long road to recovery, I found a silver lining. Due to having all of those injuries, going to doctors and physical therapists gave me knowledge that most massage therapist don’t have. First-hand experience. In my life I have broken or dislocated almost all the big bones, fingers and toes in my body. I have endured the pain from those injuries, the physical therapy, experienced massage therapy, dry needling, myofascial/scar tissue scraping, trigger point therapy, cupping, ice massage and acupuncture to bring myself back up to 100 %. I know what it takes and know how it feels, plus I can understand the mental toll it takes on you during this time. It is my passion to massage and help individuals feel better completely. I have completed many continuing education courses and several modality certifications to make sure I can do so.

I specialize in deep pressure, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, Bioelectric DDS therapy, scraping, cupping and Thai table massage. With all of this I am certain that I can give you a tailored massage to fit your needs and wants. I would love the opportunity to work with you whether it be a relaxing massage or a custom-tailored massage to help you feel better again. Now that I’m here at Valor Medical I plan to make it back onto the list for Knox’s best where I was voted Knoxville’s Favorite therapist in 2019 and 2020.

  • 60 min Session $80
  • 90 min Session $110
  • 60 min w/ DDS $125
  • 90 min w/ DDS $160
  • DDS Add-On $30
  • Massage Gun Add-On $5 per 10 min
  • Scraping Add-On $10 per area
  • Cupping Add On $10 per 15 min
  • Arnica Add On $15
  • CBD Salve $15
  • Facial Wand $15
  • Himalayan Salt Rocks $5

Specializing In These Modalities:

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Sports Massage

A specifically tailored to different sports and sporting injuries. It’s Not a relaxing form of massage and can often be quite strenuous. It works by stretching out tight muscles, stimulating inactive muscles and improving the condition of the soft tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. This massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

Thai Table Massage

Table Thai is Thai bodywork performed on the massage table instead of on the floor with a mat. It combines a variety of stretching movements applied slowly, in patterns of gently rocking and rhythmic muscle compressions, joint mobilization and acupressure points.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are sore, painful spots- also called knots – found in muscles. These knots are sensitive and when pressure is applied, it produces pain in a different part of your body. Trigger point massage helps work out these knots and reduce the pain associated with them.

Swedish/Relaxing Massage

Swedish massage involves long, kneading strokes and movements of the joints. This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension.

Deep Pressure Massage

Deep Tissue Massage targets chronic tension in muscles that lie far below the body’s surface. Deep muscle techniques involve slow strokes, direct pressure or friction movements that go across the muscle grain.

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Now Offering DDS Bioelectric Therapy

What is DDS Bioelectric therapy?

This is a pain free healing alternative based on Chinese Medicinal Principles. Including Reflexology, Massage, bioelectric frequency, deep pressure therapy, fascia scraping, and Lymphatic drainage.  This machine generates a low electrical current that stimulates and increases connection flow through the body’s meridians. This current excites peripheral nerves and activates the central nervous system. The brain then releases endorphins that will provide an analgesic effect. This can relieve pain, enhance moods, relax the body, and counter fatigue. The cells of the body get rearranged, energized, and reactivated. Overall, with regular DDS therapy, the body may be able to heal itself in a more efficient manner.

DDS therapy has been observed to aid in these numerous health conditions:

  • Support blood and lymph circulation and health
  • Minimize fatigue.
  • Purify and Detoxify the Body
  • Improve metabolism and aid in weight loss
  • Regulate the Bodies Digestive System
  • Restore acid/alkaline balance
  • Alleviate symptoms and side effects of stroke
  • Counter signs of aging and wrinkles
  • Clears blockages along the bodies meridians
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Activate cells, nerves and muscle tissue
  • Decreases inflammation

What is DDS?

DDS stands for Direct Detoxification System. DDS Bioelectric Therapy combines electrical energy with the principles of Acupuncture, Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help open and clear the body’s main meridians- stimulating nerves and cells- increasing your energy ‘flow’. DDS Bio-Electric Therapy regulates the body’s PH, activating the auto-immune system which may help to prevent, treat, and heal illness & disease, recover from injuries faster & feel better with less fatigue.

What Happens During a Session

The DDS Machine generates a low electrical current which is transferred into the body through the therapist’s hands. The therapist uses acupressure points & massage coupled with the electric current to stimulate the body meridians, nervous system, and muscles. It also causes blood vessels to expand creating a significant improvement in blood flow and circulation with an increase of oxygen in the blood and throughout the body. DDS Bio Therapy treatment reduces acidity for a more balanced/alkaline PH level, decreases/eliminates pain, helps to treat chronic illness, increases metabolism for weight loss and more energy, removes wrinkles and smooths the skin and so much more.

The uniqueness of DDS Bio-Electric Therapy

Our bodies, like everything in the universe, are made up of energy. The Bio Electric Therapy device (along with applied alkalized-ash creams, oils, mud) is the center point of the stimulation and transdermal-penetration treatment. The device uses a controllable amount of low-voltage electrical current (energy) that is transmitted through a trained practitioner’s hands. Bio Therapy provides all the benefits of Massage and Acupuncture- without the painful needles.

Benefits of DDS Bio-Electric Therapy

  • Clearing the Bodies’ Meridians

DDS Bio therapy is the use of Electric current flowing in the body to stimulate and clear the Meridan passageways. Increased blood circulation, oxygen to the cells and nerve stimulation will rid the body of an acidic environment to maintain a healthy balanced PH level. With a balanced PH level illnesses will disappear, and your vitality and energy will increase.

  • Promote Blood Circulation

DDS Bio Therapy can penetrate deep into the body causing blood vessels to expand significantly increasing blood flow and micro-circulation and the storage capacity of oxygen.

  • Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue

Applying DDS Bio Therapy stimulates nerves and muscles; to the point that it is possible to revive a sick or dying nervous system. At the same time, muscles are strengthened, repaired and tension removed. Therefore, DDS Bio Therapy can provide great improvement in stroke patients, or people who suffer from paralysis and muscle atrophy.

  • Regulating the Digestive System

DDS works in helping and regulating our endocrine glands and systems, All organs controlled and regulated by the endocrine systems will improve in their functions.

  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Effect

DDS Bio-Electric Energy can increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect within the body.

  • Eliminate Fatigue

DDS Bio Therapy Energy increases endorphins in the body creating a sense of bliss, happiness and relaxation eliminating body fatigue. Increased blood flow and oxygen in the body along with a balanced PH will also create more energy all day long.

Who should receive DDS Bio-Electric Therapy

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your current health condition?
  • Do you usually have restless and sleepless nights that affect your daily routine?
  • Do you feel extreme body tension, increase in stress level, or are you always tired and fatigue?
  • Are you overweight or under weight?
  • Have you been suffering neck, shoulder, back pain due to muscle tension or other chronic pain such as knee pain, sciatic nerves pain…
  • Do you have big beer belly for many years and still could not find an easy way to get rid of it naturally?
  • Have you found breast hyperplasia?

If you do have any one of the above symptoms, you should come and experience this amazing DDS Bio-electric Therapy.

One DDS Bio-Electric Therapy equals to

  • 10 times of whole-body massage
  • 45 minutes of lymph drainage treatment
  • Running 3.7 miles and excess fat depletion
  • 3 hours of increased oxygen supply (which provided in oxygen bars)
  • 50 times of oxygen opening- chest exercise (open the lungs, enhance breathing)
  • 36,000 times of enhanced movement of the cells
  • deplete 4.1 grams of internal toxins
  • Bio- Electric DDS therapy uses natural, organically grown, herb-based creams and essential oils to balance the body’s PH level to promotes overall body health.

Not recommended for people who have a pacemaker, stents, thrombosis (blood clots in the arms or legs), a bacterial infection and who are pregnant.

What is scrapping?

Scraping is a soft tissue mobilization technique that helps to aid your body in healing from soft tissue injuries. Tissue in our bodies that connect, support, or surround our internal organs and bones generally what are called” soft tissues.” These would include fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Who should not get scraping?

Those with blood clots like DVTs or who are on blood thinners.

What is cupping?

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Cupping Therapy might be trendy now, but it’s not new. It dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C.


There are different methods of cupping, including:

  • Dry
  • Wet

During both types of cupping, your therapist will put a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper in a cup and set it on fire. As the fire goes out, they put the cup upside down on your skin.

As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. This causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. The cup is generally left in place for up to 3 minutes.

A more modern version of cupping uses a rubber pump instead of fire to create the vacuum inside the cup. Sometimes therapists use silicone cups, which they can move from place to place on your skin for a massage-like effect.

Wet cupping creates a mild suction by leaving a cup in place for about 3 minutes. The therapist then removes the cup and uses a small scalpel to make light, tiny cuts on your skin. Next, they do a second suction to draw out a small quantity of blood.

You might get 3-5 cups in your first session. Or you might just try one to see how it goes. It’s rare to get more than 5-7 cups, the British Cupping Society notes.

Afterward, you may get an antibiotic ointment and bandage to prevent infection. Your skin should look normal again within 10 days.

Cupping therapy supporters believe that wet cupping removes harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote healing. But that’s not proven.

Some people also get “needle cupping,” in which the therapist first inserts acupuncture needles and then puts cups over them.

Side Effects

Cupping is fairly safe, as long as you go to a trained health professional. But you could have these side effects in the area where the cups touch your skin:

  • Mild discomfort
  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Skin infection

What Is a Massage Gun and Why Use One?

Massage guns (sometimes called “percussive massage treatment” or “vibration therapy,” too) are portable, handheld devices that look like a power drill and in some cases, sound like one.

When the gun is placed on your muscles and turned on, the attachments vibrate or “percuss” at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement, which advocates claim promote recovery from workouts and improve overall performance while reducing soreness.


  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved Circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Decrease Soreness after workouts
  • Improved sports performance and muscle mass
  • Imprved rehabilitation from injuries
  • Pain Relief

May have increased soreness otherwise there are no side effects if used properly.

Not to be used:

  • Over torn muscles, or bones
  • Have heart problems
  • Implanted medical devices